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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tornado Safety

  • 1. Be READY. Watch and listen for weather updates.

  • 2. Outfit your house for the WORST case scenario.

  • 3. If you have time, STOCK UP on supplies, water and food.

  • 4. Unplug small appliances. Turn PROPANE tanks off.

  • 5. Go to the BASEMENT if you have one. Take shelter in an INTERIOR room.

  • 6. Stay AWAY from windows.

  • 7. Get inside the BATHTUB and cover with a mattress or other padding.

  • 8. If you are outside find a DITCH or RAVENE. Lie flat on your face and cover your head and neck with your hands.

  • 9. Do NOT seek refuge in a car.

  • 10. Most Tornados last only minutes so HOLD ON for dear life.
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